Tuesday, February 21, 2012

L5 is live on VODO

The day has come...L5 is available for download on VODO!!


Go get your copy, and donate through VODO if you want to see more.


  1. Congratulations! I'll tell everyone I know!

  2. Do you have a release schedule for future episodes?

  3. I couldn't download the episode. With the nasty weather and satellite Internet, I couldn't get the torrents to transmit in time. I don't mind the donation; I will happily be a patron for Hard SF movies, but I really wanted to see the finished product. :(

  4. Great show & its free, you guys deserve my donation.
    Cant wait for your next episodes.

    What i do wanna comment on is the hack-saw & the atom seal(duck tape) prop. Was it done deliberately so we can relate it back to 2015.....?

  5. Hi, Filmmakers, congratulations.
    I wanna to say that I'm from Brazil, and I have made my homework: Made my donnation; transmited the image above to my friends and more, all people involved in podcasts and with sites and blogs about SciFi; I made, my self, 3 posts in my blog about this film ( http://www.relatoriodasituacao.com.br/2011/09/ponto-de-lagrange-5-sociedade-l5-parte.html ) at Relatorio da Situacao. And now I'm trying to learn how to make a streaming thru VODO, but it isn't working at all. Ok, maybe my sylver ticket will endup lost. But I'm downloading by bitTorrent.
    What I wish to ask you, is to release a subtitle to your move. My native language is portuguese, so I loose some lines in the film. With a subtitle, I wouldn't loose those line and I'd be able to translate to my fellows brasilians.
    Thanks for your work.
    Fargon Jinn

  6. I saw it yesterday and it was impressive! Good story, tension, the AI is fantastic! Tomorrow I will post something about L5 on my blog.
    Just one thing. I'm Italian and I encountered the same problem. With subtitles it would be easier to share L5 with friends in many countries and, perhaps, translate subtitles in other languages.
    It will help the Cause.

    1. Hi Salomon,
      I found an english subtitles. It needs some corrections. I made the translation and a lot of corrections. But it is working very well. Look for it at opensubtitles.com search with L5. Good luck!
      Fargon Jinn

    2. Thank you very much!
      I will try to find some time to make a suitable translation too. Subtitles are wonderful! ^^
      Thanks again.

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  8. I can't even find the download link. I give up.