Thursday, October 21, 2010

Space Suit Construction Update #4

Sorry everyone about the delay in posting an update! There are a lot more updates to come very soon about other L5 things that have been happening. In the mean time, I decided to take another stab at the scaffold, this time starting with a 3D model:

I made slices of it in 3DS Max, and printed top down projections of the slices on large 24"x24" paper:

Using a sharpie to poke through the paper and then connect the dots, I traced each slice dimension:

And started gluing the stack together:

I then cut some particle board circles and used them to form the arm and head holes, and after much sanding and cutting to fit:

And I cut the back piece where the backpack will be mounted as well:

You can see I've already started smoothing out and shaping things with Spackle. Below is the sanded and primed result:

Next update: FIBERGLASS (I hate fiberglass)


  1. Why are you not Vacuum forming

    Here is some information on vacuum forming

    * Costuming Basics
    * Making Blue Prints
    * Vacuumforming
    * Build a Vacuumtable
    * Plaster Vacuum Molds
    * Make a Bodycast
    * Latex Masks
    * Weathering and Distressing Objects
    * Using a Rivetgun
    * Using a Buttongun

  2. The biggest reasons we didn't go with vacform...
    1: we don't have a table.
    2: after showing the plans to alot of folks who do...they where of the option it would have to be vacform in no less than 3 sections.
    3: this needs to be tough enough to fall down.

    So far it is shaping up well though.