Friday, October 1, 2010

Space Suit Construction Update #1

Alrighty! So this is the spacesuit we want to build:

First we need to build a scaffold for the torso section. The scaffold will be a solid block of foam, on which we'll lay fiberglass, and then remove the fiberglass shell, this way we can make 2 identical suits. 2 days ago I glued together a block of pink insulation foam board 22" cubed, using segments of 2" thick board and polystyrene construction adhesive:

Little did I know that even after 24 hours of drying, it wouldn't be enough to hold up against the sheer forces of sawing by itself, and I remembered that these sorts of constructions typically have dowels holding them together. So I temporarily inserted a 9" steel pin in the top, but today I will get two wooden dowels, sharpen them, and drive them through to prevent twisting of the segments.

Here is what I want to make, minus the back-pack portion:

So the tools I have at my disposal - large flexible saw, electric turkey carver, a smaller saw, a hot wire styro-cutter, box cutter, and hooked box blade. The cutting begins:

And after 2 hours of sawing, carving, and cursing, I had to stop (other L5 errands beckoned):

And with a good nights sleep I can see some adjustments are definitely needed:

That's all for now, check back in a day or two as the construction process continues!

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